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  From Left to Right: Dan, Ryan, Simon & Rob

About SuperCruiser

SuperCruiser is a band from Dunedin, FL. They were formed in June of 2011. Simon, Dan, and Rob had been playing together for some months. Then Ryan came along and added a back beat to the songs that had already been worked on. When they first played together the chemistry was so good they decided to call the band "SuperCruiser."

SuperCruiser have already got some following after playing their first show at the Co-Dependence Day Celebration on July 3, 2011.

SuperCruiser has their own sound. The sound is driving at times, as well as melodic and mellow.

SuperCruiser is:
Simon - vox/guitar
Dan     - guitar
Rob     - bass/backing vox
Ryan   - drums


SuperCruiser has currently finished their 3 song EP titled "Gunn Hwy EP."

You may pick up a CD at a SuperCruiser show or listen to it on the bands facebook page.

Gunn Hwy EP
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OCT 21st - 8pm At the Sake Bomb 548 Central Ave, St. Pete, FL
Edison Lacey-Umberto Memorial Benefit
Performances By:
Fowlers Bluff
Warrior Bros
Awkward Age
Scott Harrell

For more info about the band or for booking please contact us at

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